Prateek Gogia

Hey World! I'm Prateek Gogia

I'm a Web Engineer, based in Berlin, DE.

I love to build things!


Enumeration in JavaScriptMay 18, 2021

Enumerable in Javascript is basically an ability of a particular property of an object to exist and visible at the same time. Very subtle, what does that it even? Let's dive a bit more. While I was going through the official spec of EcmaScript to und...

useReducer() hook: Demystifying the basicsJuly 20, 2020

If you have used hooks before in React, then you must have done local state management using useState(). While it works completely fine for basic state manipulation, it does get tricky after multiple states are involved. Here's a Problem For instanc...

this and bind() in JavascriptSeptember 6, 2019

"When dealing with JavaScript, things can get really confusing specially when you have to deal with Object-Oriented JavaScript (OOP based). Although, in Object-Oriented JavaScript, everything is in a form of functions and objects which is much less c...